(English translation of the poem)




How many millions of people under one flag,
Neither their skins are similar, nor their tounges are…
They have been one heart, and the soul in one body;
I have seen the humanity…In Baitullah, I have…

In the same bunch, roses of the 7 gardens are
In the same list, 72 nations are
How many millions say ‘Amin’ in the same composition
I have been gathered…In Baitullah, I have…

There are flames in the bosoms, neither ash nor fume,
There is a question in the tounges: “When is the Union(Vuslat)?”
Such a faith(iman) does extinguish the Hell…
I have seen what Love is…In Baitullah, I have…

Some have come by passing over the oceans
With hunger, without water and sleep in his night and day …
With a Syllable of Qur’an at every breath in his tounge
I have seen the lovesicks…In Baitullah, I have…

Those invited guests of Lord(Rabb),
Filled the every inch of place in Mecca.
Unabated voices of “LABBAIK [*]” in their tounges,
I have seen the roads to Arsh [*]…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Labbaik: I am ready to obey Your orders
[*] Arsh: Arabic term in the Qur’an. Divine Throne. Highest floor of the heaven. Exalted station. Manifestation place for Allah’s Power(Qudrat) , Exaltedness and Sovereignity(Saltanat). Arsh encompasses the Universe, and Allah’s power and knowledge(ilm) encompasses everything.

Like a drop, carried away by the flood;
Rich, poor, general(pasha) and the soldier are hand to hand…
Prostrates(makes sajda) together, King(Sultan) and slave
I have met with the gathering day(Mahshar)…In Baitullah, I have…

Some whose eyes don’t see, with a staff in his hand;
But his heart eye is open so widely
With a smile in his face, with neither sorrow nor worry
I have seen him, he keeps spinning…In Baitullah, I have…

Some has the torn mocassins on his feet
How many places his heel split bleeds from…
In fact; a shroud his turban is on the head
I have seen many Lovers(ashik)…In Baitullah, I have…

I looked…There are so many angels at his table;
A vessel of zamzam water, and a few dry breads,
Waiting for iftar[*] with his eyes on Kaabah,
I have resented my own fulness…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Iftar (Arabic word ), refers to the evening meal for breaking the daily fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar during Ramadan is often done as a community, with Muslims gathering to break their fast together. Iftar is done right after Maghrib (sunset) time. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to be consumed during Iftar when the fast is broken

He doesn’t have an eye the slightest bit on the food of the world
He seeks for his sustenance of the hereafter at the threshing floor
The Glance of the Lord(Ar-Rabb) in the stone of the Kaabah;
I have seen the eyes seeing(that)…In Baitullah , I have…

Some is in the spring, never seen the summer,
Some is able to get his way with Mawla,
Last(farewell) prayer(salah) is done in the Kaabah,
I have longed for…opened my hands, in Baitullah, I have…

There are no power in the legs of some
Walks doubled up, doesn’t go in arms…
Melt…Lost…In Janab-i Haqq [*]
I have seen the moths…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Janab-i Haqq: A title addressing to ALLAH j.j.

With an old bag on his hunched back,
As if the robe of the Garden(Jannah) is in his bag
He has a stance in ‘kiyam’ if only you could see
I have come eye to eye, and been full(with tears)…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Kiyam: Kiyam is to be in upright position during the Islamic Prayer(Salah)

Jumping over one thousand ranks in one sajda.
Multiplying a sajda by hundred thousands folds
Celebrating his profit with the angels,
Such merchants I have seen …In Baitullah, I have…

Getting his name engraved in the black stone (Hajaru’l –Aswad)
Getting him self (nafs) crushed in the pawl of Faith (Iman),
Taking his soaring soul about in the Arsh,
Such friends of Allah I have seen…In Baitullah, I have…

He has forgotten the loyalty to the world
He has ruined the barrier of show-off(riya) in his heart
He has so surrendered himself to the Truth (Haqq) that
I have seen the beloved within the soul(Jânân in Jân)..In Baitullah, I have..

There is a flood of passion in Safâ and Marwa [*]
The drops are foamed and in entering ecstasy(Wajd)
Many prophets in many heights;
I have seen (them) standing and looking…In Baitullah, I have…

[*]Safâ and Marwa: (Arabic: Aş-Şafā ;Al-Marwah) are two small mountains now located in the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia between which Muslims travel back and forth seven times during the ritual pilgrimages of Hajj and Umrah.

Maqam-e Ibrahim [*] , dinner table of the Sultan
A Kawthar bowl is offered to every body…
A banquet of jannah behind the curtain
Such scenes I have seen…In Baitullah , I have…

[*] Maqam-e Ibrahim: Station of Abraham. The stone on which Ibrahim (Abraham alayhissalam) stood on while he built the Kabah with his son Ismaeel (Ishmael).

Angels have received their share from the banquet
And wrapped the heaven in Kaabah.
The pen can not explain that assembly,
I have been an unable servant…In Baitullah, I have…

So many places the doors are opened from, in the heaven
Palaces and emerald structures are behind,
Many title deeds whose terms are infinite,
I have seen from hand to hand…In Baitullah , I have…

I stood and watched the Tawaf in wonder(Hayran[*])
I’ve seen that the Dawran [*] is like a Universe
Which one is angel, which one is human?
I have been surprised many times…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Dawran(Arabic): Circulation, world of matters, city of matters, life of world.Dawr means to circulate around a fixed point. DawrAN means to make that circulation in “AN”. All creation is created in “AN” is circulating around the Noor-u-Mim(Light of mim) which is the central point where divine manifestations occur.

[*] Hayran (Arabic): to be filled with admiration, admirer, fan.In tasawwuf, it is to participate to sha’an in “AN” and live just as much as a lightening strikes.

The rain of Salam is like a shower,
Hearts have been washed, and they are crystal clear
In the fire of sincerity(ikhlas), many of doughs
I have seen baking….In Baitullah, I have…

If I call it tears…It is not tears shed from the eyes,
It is a flood which demolishes the barrier of sins…
From the skies of Kaabah, leading to heaven(sama);
I have seen the steps…In Baitullah, I have…

Mountains and stones are parched, by reaching to ecstasy(Wajd)
A grain of sand is flung, saying “ALLAH”…
Wherever the eye looks, finds Rahman,
I have heard some Dhikrs[*]..In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Dhikr: Remembering and commemorating ALLAH j.j.

I sweltered..Thirsty I am, in terms of my soul(nafs)
Nothing else has given satisfaction to me;
They said: “This is zamzam [*], the cure for the soul(Jan)”
I have drunk deeply…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] ZamZam: The Well of Zamzam (or the Zamzam Well, or just Zamzam; Arabic: زمزم‎ )is a well located within the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, 20 m (66 ft) east of the Kaaba, the holiest place in Islam. According to Islamic belief, it was a miraculously-generated source of water from God, which began thousands of years ago when Abraham’s (Ibrāhīm) infant son Ishmael (Ismail) was thirsty and kept crying for water and was kicking at the ground when water gushed out. Millions of pilgrims visit the well each year while performing the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages, in order to drink its water.

Nine minarets in Masjid-i Haram
Saying that : “ The remedy for heedlessness is within me”
Five times a day, the heart is in a thousand pieces,
I have listened to Adhans(Calls to the prayer)…In Baitullah, I have…

A palace of mâ’nâ [*], Masjid-i Haram is
Such a fine embroidery, such a magnificence…
In every heart , Muhammad Alaihissalam
I have seen him place a throne…In Baitullah, I have…

[*] mâ’nâ: Ma’na’ MeaNs “MeaNing”. It is the inner face of something. Inner hearings e.g. notion, thought. Ma’na is the reason(SaBab) for an action to occur.

Woe to me! …I used not to smile for such years,
I used not to dry tears from my eyes like this,
Woe to me ! I used not to know what Hushû [*] is,
I have tasted this pleasure… In Baitullah , I have…

[*] Hushû: It is a spiritual state(H’al) mixed with fear, refined manners(adab) and Love in the presence of God. Having modesty and abasing yourself.

Years have passed in search of my essence;
Worldy possession had blinded my eye,
I had forgotten my oath of ”Kâlû Belâ [*]

See that I have remembered …In Baitullah, I have…

[*] Kâlû Belâ: the primordial covenant between man and Allah mentioned in Surah Al-Araf 7/172:

“AND WHENEVER thy Sustainer brings forth their offspring from the loins of the children of Adam, He [thus] calls upon them to bear witness about themselves: “Am I not your Sustainer?” - to which they answer: ‘Yea, indeed, we do bear witness thereto!’ [Of this We remind you,] lest you say on the Day of Resurrection, “Verily, we were unaware of this”;

Big Satan (Shaiytan-i Kebir) has gone away from my door,
Tyranny and compulsion strained out from my blood.
There is neither envy(hasad) remained, nor arrogance and pride
I have been leveled to the ground…In Baitullah , I have…

Some time a go, I used to say : “Why is it Oh My Lord(Rabb)
That the one who is going(to Hajj) is wishing to go again?”
In fact, human wouldn’t be able to know without going (there);
I have received my answer…In Baitullah, I have…

I have seen that; this world is a diversion,
Don’t think that happy I am, by looking at my position
My body is far away from the Kaabah but
I have left my heart…In Baitullah, I have…

Cengiz Numanoğlu

English translation : GaribaN

Original Turkish Version of this poem is available in the following link:

(Şiirin tercümesini yapan Barbaros Sert Bey'e teşekkürlerimi sunarım.)


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